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Testing is the last step in Web Development or Mobile Application Development, evaluating the different pages of the website or mobile application and examining each feature. Testing is a crucial procedure to check the entire system and discover how well it fulfills its purpose. After marking all the checkboxes in the testing process, you're all ready to launch your website or mobile application to the world.

Software Quality Assurance Testing Services

At RoyalTechni, our developers check your website for any potential bugs or errors before it goes live. In fact, testing importance goes past user experience and generating leads. Software quality assurance testing services get rid of any hurdles that affect SEO and website ranking, affecting your visibility.

Why are Website Software Testing Services essential?

  • Achieving zero-error websites with no or few crashes
  • Achieving a solid, professional website with no broken links, no long loading time, non-functional forms, and non-functional buttons
  • Achieving a responsive website that is compatible with different devices
  • Improving website design
  • Ensuring website security

What we do:

Because we understand the importance of website testing services, we can't surpass this step. We use the latest technologies to test the functionalities of each feature on the website.

  1. Functional Testing
    • All links (outgoing, internal, anchor, MailTo links)
    • Forms
    • Cookies
    • HTML and CSS
    • Business workflow
  2. Usability Testing
    • Site Navigation (Menus, buttons, URLs)
    • Content and Images
  3. Interface Testing
    • Application
    • Web Server
    • Database Server
    • System Response between Application, Web Server, and Database Server
  4. Database Testing
    • Presence of errors when executing queries
    • Response time of queries
    • The accuracy of data retrieved from the database
  5. Compatibility Testing
    • Browser Compatibility Test in which we test how your website is displayed across different browsers, JavaScript, and AJAX with authentication working effectively.
  6. Performance Testing
    • Loading time during normal and peak loads
    • Website response time at different connection speeds
    • The occurrence of crashes during peak loads and the recovery performance of the website
    • Making sure that browser and server-side cache are working effectively to reduce load times
  7. Security Testing (Important for E-commerce Websites to protect sensitive information)
    • If restricted files are downloadable
    • Unauthorized access to secure pages
    • On use of SSL certificates
  8. Crowd Testing
    • It is the final test where we choose a group of skilled developers to test the different features to unravel any unnoticed defects present in the website.

Mobile Application Testing Services

At RoyalTechni, our team offers high-quality mobile app testing services with an innovative test approach for both Android and iOS. We are trained to test your mobile application on different devices for better functionality and usability.

Why are Mobile App Testing Services essential?

  • Quality assurance
  • Testing user experience through UI/UX tests
  • Testing the overall app functionality
  • Testing application performance
  • Testing the application's ease of use (intuitiveness)
  • Discovering any bugs before launching

What we do:

Because we understand the importance of app testing services, we exert efforts to effectively implement this step. With innovative minds and efficient tools, we inspect your mobile application and find any defects before you release it to the public.

  1. Mobile Manual Testing
    • We perform fast manual testing to test the mobile app's functionality, consistency, and usability.
  2. Mobile App Automation Testing
    • We perform innovative testing on your mobile application on both Android and iOS.
  3. Usability Testing Mobile App
    • We perform a mobile UI test, going through the application interface and performing common tasks as the end-user.
  4. Load and Performance Testing
    • We perform mobile device testing services to check the performance of the application, as well as the loading speed. This test unravels any problems concerning transaction errors, server errors, and response times. It is important to implement the load testing to make sure that the server-back side can handle high traffic.

Are you looking for mobile device testing services? – Contact us today and get cut the risks related to ineffective test management. At RoyalTechni, we implement an automated test system, analyze the results precisely, and solve the problems before launching your website or mobile application. We are not just a web design company, but a fully-integrated Software House with unmatched testing capabilities. No more errors! Our testing geeks are waiting for you!