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Do you know that 97% of websites fail at user experience? Do you know that more than 80% of visitors don't return to a website after a negative user experience? How will your customers react if they can't navigate your website easily? – They will definitely leave, right?! – Of course!

First impressions matter the most! Web Design is critical to make the first positive impression, establishing a strong brand personality. It helps your visitors to easily navigate your website, nurture more leads, and boost generations. Also, an excellent web design strengthens your business as it plays an important role in search engine optimization. Without a doubt, Web Design will enhance your branding efforts, whatever your industry, and help you establish a cohesive brand image.

Many companies overlook the need for good user experience design when designing a solid digital presence. These companies usually suffer from decreased revenues, customer retention rate, and overall productivity, harming the business's success. A bad website design makes you look outdated, costs you customers, and damages your credibility.

Web Design in RoyalTechni

RoyalTechni is a full-service web design agency that provides innovative web design solutions to all businesses. We have a dedicated UI/UX team that understands your business needs and implements high-end website designs, utilizing the latest technologies and tools. We deliver profoundly innovative websites that create a sleek experience for your audience, implementing the most suitable strategic plan. Your competitors probably have enrapturing websites and it's time you get yourself a one!

So, what does the term UI/UX mean exactly?

The two terms UI and UX complement each other and work closely together to shape the user experience when visiting the website. UX Design refers to User Experience Design, identifying the overall feel of the whole experience. UX identifies any problem that the user may face during his journey and solves these problems. On the other hand, UI refers to User Interface that specializes in creating aesthetically-pleasing, interactive graphical interface.

Our unique tips for impressive website design

  • The website should be easy to understand
  • The website should be easy to navigate as navigation helps Google Bots to easily crawl and index the content
  • The homepage must be consistent in color and feel
  • The website must be responsive with all devices (Desktop, Android, iPhone)
  • The homepage must include eye-catching visuals and vibrant images
  • The website must have a fast loading speed (less than 3 seconds) to decrease the bounce rate and be search engine friendly (Remember that a frustrated prospect won't return to buy)
  • The website must include relevant Call-to-action (CTA) buttons with bright colors to catch attention and guide the customers to the next step
  • The homepage shouldn't be crowded as the human brain seek order and simplicity (Never violate the golden rule of white space)

Always remember that your website is your business's face to the world. Do you want to create a stunning identity for yourself? – Contact us today and we will provide you with top-notch UI/UX and responsive website design services. Get ready to be blown away with the new interface and let your business thrive!